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Visa Options
  • (How) Can I extend my stay in in Australia?

  • (How) Can I qualify for a visa, based on my skills and qualifications? 

  • (How) Can I qualify for a visa, based on having close family (including a partner) with Australian citizenship or Permanent Resident status?

Australian/ Dual Citizenship

  • (How/When) Can I become an Australian citizenship? (How) Can I keep my current German citizenship

Chapter 2 Australia provides NAATI-accredited translation services (GER< > ENG) primarily for clients engaged in a visa application or dual citizenship application process.
Coporate Services
Businesses in Australia can find it difficult to find suitable skilled staff who are Aussies or Permanent Residents; in recognition of this difficulty a suite of visas has been introduced that allows an employer to engage a foreign worker for a fixed period of time, provided all the associated conditions and requirements are met.
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