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Your Visa options

Your visa options depend on a number of factors, including whether you are already in Australia; other important factors can include: your age, nationality, your English language skills; your occupation and employment history; whether you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident; to help us identify the visa option best suited to your circumstances and and priorities email us a brief overview of your current situation (including current visa details if applicable), your employment background and your goals (e.g. permanent visa or temporary stay);


We will then conduct a preliminary assessment and, if we see one or more realistic visa options/strategies,  contact you to arrange a formal (paid) consultation to discuss your options in detail, including the requirements and costs involved. 

Touristen in Australien
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Answers to your questions  

  • (How) Can I extend my stay in in Australia?

  • (How) Can I qualify for a visa, based on my skills and qualifications? 

  • (How) Can I qualify for a visa, based on having close family (including a partner) with Australian citizenship or Permanent Resident status?

  • (How) Can I travel to Australia during the COVID-Pandemic?

  Contact us to arrange a consultation 

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